For many of us, the hot weather of summer time conjures up memories of ice cream, popsicles, sno cones and other cold treats. For me, the ultimate summer treat is a big batch of “aguas frescas”. It’s one of my favorite things about my city – there are so many places and flavors to sample. Aguas frescas (literally “fresh waters”) are a blend of fruit (or cereals,  herbs, veggies, flowers or seeds), water and sugar. They are much lighter in flavor and less sweet than a fruit juice or even something like lemonade – and an aguas fresca bar is perfect for parties.

When planning a summer party, I love to include a yummy aguas fresca bar for guests to cool down with in an easy to serve from drink station. Here’s how to recreate it. And the best part, is I got everything a one of my favorite stores: At Home!

1. A sturdy base or table.

This is technically an outdoor table – but it makes a great indoor stand-in and is the perfect height to serve from. When the party is over, it goes right back out to the porch! I soon as I saw it at At Home I thought it would be a great table that I could use over and over again!

Agua Fresca Bar with At Home-9

2.  Yummy Flavors.

Watermelon, cucumber and mint are one of my favorite combos and grapefruit + basil is a surprising crowd pleaser. Anytime I use an herb in the recipe, I infuse the favor into the simple syrup AND have extra for garnishing.


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