Product description:
  • After many years of use, can your closet door or drawer still close tightly? This punch-free magnetic door closer can help you solve this problem. No longer need loose cabinet doors and drawers, your house will become more refined.

Main feature:

  • Strong magnetic force-strong magnetic force ensures that your cabinet doors and drawers are no longer loose. This power is on the side and will not make it difficult for you to open the closet or drawer.
  • Ultra-thin-thickness of 2.5MM, almost invisible design. There will be no gaps.
  • Easy to install-it does not require perforation, is easy to install, and will not damage your furniture. The strong tape ensures that the magnetic sheet is firmly bonded.
  • Multiple uses-this gadget can be used for your door, closet, wardrobe, drawer, etc. You can use your imagination.


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