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Scholl has been passionate about feet for over 100 years. Their aim is very simple ‚ to inspire you to love your feet every day. Gentle on your feet and easy to use, the new Velvet Smooth Express Pedi can give you soft, silky feet in no time at all. It is an electronic foot file designed to remove hard skin for beautifully smooth skin after just 1 use. Buff away hard skin in minutes and get fabulous feet that you’ll want to show off. It has an ergonomically shaped head for comfortable use. The specially designed Micralumina roller head makes it quick and easy to remove tough, lifeless skin by exfoliating the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action. Remember ‚ skin on your feet is 20X thicker than on the rest of your body so you really do need that something special‚ for your feet. Physical Features Key Features 358 g. 4 AA Batteries Ergonomic Design Safety Switch Getting Started Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction. Remove the base from the unit and remove and dispose of the red insulator tap. Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure. Apply Scholl Velvet Smooth Moisturiser and massage into your smooth feet. Frequently asked questions How does the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi work The roller head of the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi has micro abrasive particles that provide smooth and easy removal of hard skin. How often can I use the Velvet Smooth Express Pedi The Velvet Smooth Express Pedi can be used in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and are free from hard skin. How long does a treatment last This is different for each individual and depends on how much pressure your feet are under due to loads placed on your them through your daily activities, exercise and the fit of your shoes ‚ because hard skin forms as your feet experience stress and pressure.


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