Disposable Clean Lazy Rag Paper Kitchen Oil Absorbent Paper Towels Washable Dish Cloth Dish Towel 50pcs



Clean non-woven fabrics can be reused, more


economical than kitchen rags, more sanitary than ordinary fabrics,


not easy to breed bacteria, thrown away when used up.


Excellent dyeing process, no fading during the process of cleaning goods, avoiding pollution.

Natural wood fiber processing, product quality in line with environmental standards.


Versatile: These cleaning cloths are ideal for daily wiping counters,


stoves and appliances, kitchen cleaning, countertop cleaning, water


cleaning around the sink, dust removal around the home, car cleaning and

any cleaning work.


Satisfaction Guarantee: All products are



The disposable cleaning cloth measures 25″ x 25″ / 50 sheets / 1 roll.Style as shown

Natural plant fiber, made of natural non-woven fabric, made from real plant fibers. Quick decontamination, environmental protection, easy to clean, easy to use.

It can be reused many times, it is more environmentally friendly than kitchen paper towels, saving you a lot of money. Cleaning cloth can clean any place, such as kitchen grease, table cleaning, cleaning dishes, cleaning cars, Windows, etc.

Water absorption does not touch the oil: the oil and the cleaning cloth naturally separate the cloth itself in the water, and the oil is separated.                                                                                                                                                                                     


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